To understand what kind of solutions you need you can play with their working samples.

The glossary below will help to understand some technical aspects of the solutions we are using.

  • Static website – the website with static content which cannot be edited or created on the side of the server. It is good for small websites to represent your business, company or project on the Internet. The main limitation is that inexperienced users may face difficulties editing the pages in HTML.  PayPal cart integration is possible for such websites.
  • Dynamic website – the website content which is generated by server automatically using your content. Easy to use interface which is not any different from text processors allows users to create, edit, add new content and modify the structure of the website through special admin page. We offer two types  of dynamic websites: content management system and on-line shops.
  • Content Management Systems (CMS) are special server-side software which allows user or website administrator to manipulate with the content. We offer two types of CMS for the development of your website: WordPress and Joomla. If you have no previous experience in managing websites using CMS or your website is not going to have much content and sections we would suggest to choose WordPress. PayPal cart integration is possible.
  • On-line shop is a server side software which allows to showcase many of the products. This helps the shopper to choose the products and buy it in a convenient way. We suggest OS Commerce to our clients as a platform for your on-line shop.
  • Shared web hosting.  The place on our server which is accessible through the Internet using your domain name and hosts your content. Usually such space is available only for 1 year after that the customer has to pay for another year. Our hosting is run on Linux, using Apache web server which allows to run server-side software written on PHP, Perl, Python. MySQL and PostgreSQL databases are available for your custom made server-side software if you wish to migrate it from the previous hosting.


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