Web Development

We offer fast and affordable web development services for small businesses and start up. Whenever it is necessary for you to build your company web site or e-Commerce solution we will be ready to help you.

Many small businesses are afraid to invest seriously in their websites or on-line shops.  Many people do not know how to start the web project for their business.

We provide simple and affordable modular solutions. It allows you to build your business website which you can modify in future even by yourself.

Here are five simple steps how we can benefit you:

  1. Send us you specifications which includes your business or company name, nature of business, required functions of the website (corporate site, project or trademark site, e-Commerce or on-line shop site), basic structure of the website.
  2. We propose you the solution and the cost of it.
  3. You may wish to meet us in our office for a system analysis and design meeting. It will help both of us to deliver the website for you. This meeting is included in the price.
  4. The design templates will be offered for you to choose from.
  5. We will usually present you with your website within 3 working days.  In case of corporate or project websites we will try to insert the content provided by you for free. In case of on-line shop we may not be able to insert your content for free especially if your shop carries hundreds of options. You will receive a skeleton of on-line shop with necessary sections up to your requirements. It possible to display your goods as easy as you work in Facebook or Twitter.

Those five simple steps make you a proud owner of the website for your business, company, project or on-line shop.

Please have a look at the solutions we are offering to our customers on this website.

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