Guard Tour Control

We create and setup complete turn-key solutions to control the movements of your security guards. We place RFID tags at the check points which are required to be checked by your guard, we customize the format of the reports generated by our software, we maintain your guard tour devices and computers.

We are dealing with products manufactured by JWM.

Please find the recommended model below:


JWM V5000V5 clocking device based on RFID 125KHz tags.

V5000ES clocking device

JWM V5000ES clocking device based on iButton tags.

GPS - GPRS clocking device

JWM V5000P5+ GPS/GPRS real-time clocking device based on RFID 125KHz tags

iButton for clocking device

iButtons for clocking device

RFID 125KHz Tag

RFID 125KHz Tags.

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